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I want to hear your story, every bit of it and I want to learn from your experiences and see those experiences shared with all those people who would learn from what you have experienced.

Stories have long been a passion of mine and when I founded Steel Roses Press the sole purpose was to encourage first time fiction writers to get their books finished and out onto the streets.

We help our authors by standing with them throughout the writing and the production of their book and then we go on e stage further.

We have a presence on the streets and in the bookshops, we actively encourage bookshops to host book-signings and to stock our authors books.  But the sales effort doesn’t stop at the door to the bookshop, we also manage and market the book actively to increase the sales through Social Media, Book Fairs and anywhere we think your book will sell.

Latest Release

Sordid Secrets – Mistress Kaz

Amy gets a little bit more than she bargained for when she visits Lady Athena’s country home.  Can her marriage survive this!